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Noteworthy Music is a unique company designed to provide music lessons, music therapy and contract music therapy services in Denver and the North Metro area. The idea of music being noteworthy isn't something new - however Amy believes noteworthy music is something that is achieved through exploring, ambition, fun, passion, effort, and play. Inspired by this concept, Amy focused on a career path that would enable her to use the universal language of music as a tool to help people learn, grow, and achieve success.  

Music Lessons

Noteworthy Music  offers private music lessons in the areas of piano, guitar, ukulele, and voice. All lessons include learning music theory, appreciation, and aural training.


Music Therapy

Noteworthy Music offers individual music therapy services to target cognitive abilities, social and communication skills, motor skills, behavior, and musical aptitude.

Adapted Music Lessons

Noteworthy Music  is committed to tailoring a musical experience and education for all types and style of learners.

Social Groups

Noteworthy Music is dedicated to promoting socialization in children and adolescents by offering social groups for those who need support in socializing, making friends, and interpreting non-verbal cues.

Contract Services

Noteworthy Music is interested in being contracted for music therapy services in Metro Denver.

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