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How To Become a Music Therapist

Step one: Get a music therapy degree

You can get a Bachelor’s or Equivalency Degree, but it has to be music therapy specifically. A combination of music and psychology is not enough, because there are required courses specific to the practice of music therapy that you won’t get anywhere else.

Step two: Complete an internship

Most internships take around 6 months full-time. You need to log 1040 hours of internship time; some of this time can be completed while you are earning your degree.

Step three: Board Certification Exam

You register, you study, you take the Board Certification Exam. If you pass, the Certification Board will name you a “Music Therapist – Board Certified” and you can add MT-BC after your name.

Step four: Continuing education

Re-certification comes up every five years and you will need to log 100 hours of continuing education during that time.

Step five: (optional) Specialized training

Many music therapists choose to continue their education by getting an additional specialization, such as NMT (Neurologic Music Therapist) or NRMT (Nordoff-Robbins MT)

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